About Us

Europower Controls have long-established relationships with a variety of suppliers to offer our customers capacitors, fans, resistors, transducers and much more.

Our Range

See our range of suppliers below.

Alcon Electronics is one of the largest manufacturers of capacitors in India, utilising state of the art technology and the very newest trends. Alcon’s products range from an extensively large range of high CV screw terminal-type aluminium electrolytic capacitors, to a variety of film capacitors for power electronics. The product range is designed to suit the needs of the power electronics industry.

Bi-Sonic was founded in 1979 and has become a prominent fan manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in producing exceptional cooling fans that solve heating problems of computers, machines, power supplies, ventilation and many more. The main products are AC Tubular Axial Fans, DC Brushless Fans, DC Cross-Flow Fans and DC Brushless Motor and Fan accessories.

Danotherm (also ATE) provide power resistors for the most challenging applications. Their products include an array of resistor types, including pulse resistors, high power resistors, and high voltage resistors.

Electrical measurement solutions. LEM develops and recruits the best global talent, working at the forefront of mega trends such as renewable energy, mobility, automation and digitization.

ZEZ Silko are a leading manufacturer of power capacitors, capacitors for power electronics, induction heating capacitors and automatic capacitor banks with worldwide representation.